Women’s trail running course

young woman in skirt jumping on a rocky trail with scenic viewTrail running gives you that sense of adventure and freedom that you haven’t felt since childhood. When you start exploring new trails, you will experience epic views, steep climbs, thrilling downhills, scenic forests, creek crossings, fields of wildflowers, even rock stairs and ladders.

You never know what is around the next bend.

Running up and down mountains may seem like an intimidating endeavor but it is much more accessible than you can image.

In our course, we will give you the knowledge, fitness and confidence so that you can join your friends on their next trail running adventure.

Who is this for?
This course is for female beginner trail runners only!!  If you have never ran a trail in your life, great!  If you are an experienced hiker and have dabbled in trail running but want to learn more, perfect!  The clinics are setup to be about 20% classroom and 80% running and skill work on the trail.   We will start with only 2 miles the first session and will build up to a 5 mile trail run by the end of the six weeks!

—->  Do you have some experience trail running but want to learn more?
Check out our new Intermediate Trail running course starting in September!!

You must be able to run at 5k (3.2 miles) without stopping.  You don’t have to be fast, we just want to know that you have a base level of fitness.   Trail running is a little more demanding then road running, a 2 mile trail run is equivalent to a 3+ mile road run!

A quick note about what type of pace to expect on these runs: 
The best part about trail running is that you don’t have to be fast!  In fact, power hiking is acceptable and in many cases encouraged while on a trail run.  We will accommodate for all levels of fitness/experience while on the runs, these are clinics meant for learning and fun, not to be a race!   Expect the average pace to be around 13 minutes per mile (we will be hiking many of the steep hills and running the rest!)
Faster/more experienced runners will be given opportunities to add extra mileage to even things out.

Group of young people trail running on a mountain path. Runners working out in beautiful nature.

In these clinics you will learn: 

  • Warm-up drills
  • Running form analysis/proper trail running biomechanics
  • How to pace yourself on the trail
  • Safety on the trails:  how to handle wildlife (rattle snakes, coyotes, mountain lions) and other trail users (bikes, horses, etc)
  • How to conquer the uphills and manage steep downhills and technical sections safely
  • Where to find the best front range trails for starting out (we will provide you with a handout with the best apps, websites and trail guides)
  • How to handle adverse conditions on the trail or weather:  snow, mud, ice, creeks, thunderstorms, etc.
  • Exercises you should be doing at home to prevent injury
  • What you should be doing off the trail to train (cross training, strength training exercises, stretching)
  • What to bring/best shoes/gear, etc

Virtual program now available!

We’ve received requests for our program from all over the world so we decided to create a version of the course that you can complete on trails where you live!
All virtual program participants will receive:
–  Video tutorials of the entire curriculum
– Access to the Women’s trail runners Facebook group
– Weekly workouts and fitness drills
– Weekly handouts

We are excited to announce Runners Roost will be supporting the event with swag and 15-20% off shoes and gear for all program participants!!
Also we will be bringing in some “guest speakers/experts” in the industry for a couple of the sessions to talk about safety, running form/gait and proper gear/shoe fit.

—->  Do you have some experience trail running?  Check out our new Intermediate Trail running course starting in September!!


Denver, Colorado on-site clinic dates:

deer creek

The famous “wall” section at Deer Creek Canyon park, one of our clinic locations

Session #7 (8am)
Session #8 (9:30am)
Sunday, July 17th
Saturday, July 23rd
July 30th- OFF
Sunday, August 7th
Saturday, August 13th
Saturday, August 20th

Session #9 (6:30pm)
Tuesday, July 19th
Tuesday, July 26th
August 2nd- OFF
Tuesday, August 9th
Tuesday, August 16th
Tuesday, August 23rd

We will be running at a different front range trail every week!   After you register you will be sent a packet with more information and the trail locations/maps.   Sessions will range from Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Lone Tree and Castle Rock.

Cost is only $75 for the 5 week course.  If you are sick, out of town or just have to miss a clinic, don’t worry!  We have another session running consecutively that you can jump into for a makeup.  You are getting the benefit of small group coaching for a fraction of the cost (clinic size is limited to 10 participants) and will be given information, handouts and/or exercises/workouts after every session to do at home.

South Valley park: one of our favorite beginner trails. Lauren loves trail running with her boys, even in the winter!

Your coach:
Lauren Jones grew up in Littleton, CO and has been running the front range trails for almost 20 years!  She has her degree in exercise science and sports performance and has been working as a trainer and coach for almost 15 years.  She is also an elite obstacle course racer and trail runner; she competed in the world championships last year.

Questions?  Shoot Lauren an email at:  lifes2shortfitness@gmail.com


Are you interested but the first sessions don’t work for you?

Put your info below and we will be in touch when we launch more clinics!   You can also add the best days/times that work for your schedule and we will consider that when adding additional clinics, thanks!