Get up the “Wall”!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for……….
custom training programs for the Deer!

We have put together an amazing 10 week training plans that will get you ready to face “the wall”, the steep inclines and to do your best on race day, whether that just means finishing the event without stopping or winning our famous “Golden Antlers”.


The training program is unique in that it includes a strength training plan in addition to suggested training runs at other front range trails.

—–>   There is an option for a Level 1 program (beginners/just finishing the event) and Level 2 (intermediate/advanced to compete/finish in a certain time)


Plan includes:
– 10 week running plan (with suggestions for training runs at other front range trails!)
– 10 week body weight strength training plan
– Program webinar overview

FTD 2017 training plan

—-> After purchase the plan and webinar will be delivered directly to your inbox!

FTD 2FREE On-trail group training runs: 

Run part of the course with race director/coach Scott Jones.  The runs will include functional warm-up exercises, course strategy, and tips on how to conquer the uphills with strength and the downhills injury free!

Cost:  FREE!

Saturday, March 31st (5-6 miles):  9am-10:30am
Sunday, April 15th (7-9 miles):  8:30-10am

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